We are a forward-thinking fitness studio founded by womxn on a mission to combat gymhibition and gymperfection.


Our mission is to spread body positivity, normalise body diversity and bring back the motivation for exercise being centred on the feel-good factor rather than from a place of self-rejection.

When most people think of gyms, the first thing that comes to mind is sculpted bodies and an intimidating, hypermasculine atmosphere. Fitness imagery feeds into this by promoting narrow standards of beauty and health that ironically leads to unhealthy ways of relating to our bodies.

We all deserve better. Health comes in different shapes, sizes and ‘guises. Whatever your goal, we believe your individuality should be celebrated whilst on your journey to physical and mental health.

GRL GYM aims to refocus exercise into a more inclusive, restorative and fun practice. We are a safe space for womxn, the LGBTQI+ community, and men supportive of this cause.